THIS SUPPLEMENTAL AGREEMENT is effective the 14th day of July, 1995, between the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (hereinafter referred to as the "Government"), acting through the U.S. DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY (hereinafter referred to as "DOE"), and the UNIVERSITIES RESEARCH ASSOCIATION, INC. (hereinafter referred to as the "Association" or "Contractor"), a corporation organized and existing pursuant to the District of Columbia Non-Profit Corporation Act.


The Parties have conducted a Pilot of the Department of Energy's "Closure Process for Necessary & Sufficient Sets of Standards" (draft 2/24/95). The result of this pilot is a set of standards (the Set) which the Parties agree will provide an adequate level of protection of the environment, and of the health and safety of workers and the public, for activities under the contract.

The Set has been approved by the Agreement Parties in accordance with the "Charter for the Department of Energy /Fermilab Standards Closure Process", dated 3/31/95. The Parties have agreed to modify the contract to incorporate the Set, to replace existing DOE environmental protection, safety and health (ES&H) Orders. The modification will revise and/or delete certain articles of this contract, and add two Appendices: Appendix H which contains the Set of ES&H Standards applicable to Fermilab, and Appendix I, which contains a list of those DOE Orders which are currently applicable to Fermilab, modified to reflect agreement on the Set.


NOW, THEREFORE, the parties hereto mutually agree that Contract No. DE-AC02-76CH03000, as amended, is hereby further amended as follows:

1. Article 27. SAFETY AND HEALTH is deleted and a new Article 27 is added as follows:


(a) The Contractor shall take all reasonable precautions in the performance of the work under this contract to protect the environment, the safety and health of employees, and the safety and health of members of the public.

(b) The Contractor shall:

(1) Comply with the environmental protection, safety and health standards identified in the Necessary and Sufficient Set ('the Set') contained in Appendix H to this contract, initially identified and approved in accordance with the 'Charter for the Department of Energy/Fermilab Standards Closure Process' ("Charter") dated 3/31/95, including Attachment A thereto: draft 'Department of Energy Closure Process for Necessary and Sufficient Sets of Standards,' dated 2/24/95). The Set is in lieu of DOE ES&H directives which otherwise would be applicable to performance of this contract under Article 105. DOE ORDERS.

(2) Identify and inform the Contracting Officer, in writing, of any inconsistencies among these standards which would affect or preclude the Contractor's ability to perform its work, and bring such inconsistencies to the attention of the Contracting Officer;

(3) Continue to maintain management systems that ensure that the agreed-upon standards are implemented.

(4) Implement internal environmental protection and safety and health performance evaluation and corrective action systems to provide Laboratory management with a continuing assessment of the adequacy and implementation of these management systems and a mechanism for assuring that deficiencies are corrected. The results of such evaluations shall be made available to DOE.

(c) The Parties shall endeavor to keep apprised of changes to standards in the Set. Subject to paragraphs (b)(2) and (f) of this Article, changes to any standard in the Set shall be addressed as follows:

(1) If the standard is a requirement applicable by law, the changed standard shall supersede the standard in the Set and become the new standard, effective immediately.

(2) If the standard is not required by law, the Contractor may substitute the changed standard, including a modification of an internal standard, with notice to the Contracting Officer if the change does not affect the level of protection. If the change in the standard does affect the level of protection, the change requires the approval of the Contracting Officer.

(3) The Contracting Officer may direct (i) substitution of a changed standard or (ii) modification of an internal standard, unless, within 30 days from receipt of notification of the change from the Contracting Officer, the Contractor submits the matter to the Agreement Parties for a decision. If the Agreement Parties determine that the modified standard is necessary, the Contractor shall take all appropriate measures to comply with the change in the standard.

(d) The Parties shall review and revalidate the Set periodically. The Necessary and Sufficient closure process may be re-initiated by any Agreement Party upon a determination that the existing set is no longer appropriate due to changes in mission, activity, degree of hazard, performance expectation, or knowledge. Approval of any revised Set shall be by the Agreement Parties, and Appendix H will be revised accordingly (whether or not by formal modification to this contract).

(e) The Contractor and Contracting Officer shall identify and, if appropriate, agree to, any changes to contract terms and conditions, including cost and schedule, associated with a change to the Set or to a standard in the Set.

(f) The Contractor may at any time seek an exception, exemption, waiver, or variance from, or propose an equivalent alternative to, all or part of any standard in the Set, and with respect to all or part of the activities under this contract, by submitting a request to the Contracting Officer. The Contracting Officer shall be responsible for taking any necessary and appropriate action to seek relief from any standard which is required by law.

(g) In the event that the Contractor determines it is not in compliance with, or cannot comply with, any standard in the Set, the Contractor shall notify, in writing, the Contracting Officer of such actual or anticipated noncompliance and shall propose the corrective action to be taken. After receipt of authorization from the Contracting Officer, the Contractor shall, within a reasonable time agreed upon by the parties, take the agreed upon corrective action.

(h) The Contractor shall include in all of its subcontracts involving performance of work at the site, provisions requiring subcontractors to comply with the Contractor's environment, safety and health standards. However, such provisions in the subcontracts shall not relieve the Contractor of its obligation to assure compliance with the provisions of this clause for all aspects of the work.

(i) If at any time during the performance of the contract work, the Contractor's acts or failure to act may cause substantial harm or an imminent danger to public or worker safety or health, or to the environment, or the Contractor fails to take the corrective action approved in accordance with paragraph (g) above, the Contracting Officer may, without prejudice to any other legal or contractual rights of DOE, issue an order stopping all or any part of the work; thereafter, a start order for resumption of the work may be issued at the discretion of the Contracting Officer. The Contractor shall make no claim for an extension of time or adjustment of its management allowance or damages by reason of, or in connection with, such work stoppage.

(j) For purposes of this Article, the term 'Agreement Parties' means the President, Universities Research Association, Inc.; the Director, High Energy Physics Division, Office of Energy Research DOE; and the Manager, DOE Batavia Area Office."


3. Article 44. PERMITS OR LICENSES is revised in its entirety to read as follows:


(a) In addition to its obligations under Article 27. ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION, SAFETY, AND HEALTH, and Article 105. DOE ORDERS, the Contractor shall, unless otherwise directed by the Contracting Officer, abide by all applicable laws, codes, ordinances and regulations of the United States, states or territories, municipalities, or political subdivisions which are applicable to the work under this contract.

(b) The Contractor's obligations include, but are not limited to, the identification of required permits and licenses, the compilation of information and data required for applications for permits and licenses, and the provision of any supplemental information required by law, code, ordinance, or regulation as requested by the regulatory authority involved. The Contracting Officer shall promptly inform the Contractor of any required permit or license of which DOE is aware or becomes aware.

(c) The Parties commit to full cooperation with regard to acquiring any necessary permits or licenses required by environmental laws, codes, ordinances, and regulations of the United States, states or territories, municipalities or other political subdivisions, and which are applicable to the performance of work under this contract. It is recognized that certain environmental permits will be obtained jointly and others will be obtained by either party in its individual capacity.

(d) The Contractor, unless otherwise directed by the Contracting Officer, shall procure all necessary non-environmental permits or licenses."

4. Article 94. ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION, is deleted in its entirety.

5. Article 105. DOE ORDERS is revised to read as follows:


Appendix I is a list of all DOE Orders which are applicable to this contract, as of July 14, 1995. Any Order distributed prior to this date, which is not contained in the list or is not otherwise directly incorporated into the specific terms of this contract shall be deemed inapplicable.

The Association understands that, from time to time, the DOE will issue additional or revised DOE Orders that are intended to apply certain DOE policies or procedures to management and operating contracts. Normally, such Orders or revisions are issued initially in draft form for comment by DOE field offices, and in such instances, the Contracting Officer will use his best efforts to elicit the Association's comment(s) on the draft. When a final DOE Order is issued, the Contracting Officer shall transmit to the Association a copy of the Order along with a written determination that the Order should be applied under this contract. The Association will be given an opportunity to state reasons why the Order either should not be applied, or whether it should be modified in its application under this contract.

If thereafter directed by the Contracting Officer to follow the Order, said direction shall be deemed a modification of Appendix I. The Association agrees to use its best efforts to implement the Order to the extent that the Order is not inconsistent with provisions of this contract. The Association shall promptly provide the Contracting Officer with a compliance action plan, including costs and schedule."

6. Appendices H and I, attached hereto and made a part hereof, are hereby incorporated into this Contract.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereby execute this document.


By: By:

(Title) (Title)

(Date) (Date)


JULY 14, 1995

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Rather than attempt a precise analysis of all necessary standard citations to         
exclude non-applicable parts, inclusive citations were made qualified by the phrase   
"applicable and enforceable parts thereof."                                           
To the extent these standards apply to DOE and not the contractor, the contractor     
will assist DOE in complying with them.                                               
This Set does not change any existing Federal, State or local enforcement authority.  
All references contained herein shall be the version in effect on July 14,1995.       





July 13, 1995

-- New Additions or Changes in Italics

   ORDERS         DATES                                TITLE                            
1000.3B        7/05/88       Internal Control Systems                                   
1300.2A        5/19/92       Department of Energy Technical Standards Program           
1300.3         8/23/90       Policy on the Protection of Human Subjects                 
1322.2C       10/22/91       Forms Management                                           
1324.5B        1/12/95       Records Management Program                                 
1330.1D        5/18/92       Computer Software Management                               
1332.1A       10/15/85       Uniform Reporting System                                   
Chg. 1        6/12/92                                                                   
1340.1B        1/07/93       Management of Public Communications Publications &         
                             Scientific, Technical & Engineering Publications           
1350.1 Chg.   10/28/81       Audiovisual and Exhibits Management                        
1             3/26/84                                                                   
1360.1B        1/07/93       Acquisition and Management of Computing Resources          
1360.2B        5/18/92       Unclassified Computer Security Program                     
1360.3C       10/19/92       Information Technology Standards                           
1360.6A       11/12/92       Automatic Data Processing Equipment/Data Systems           
1360.8A        5/18/92       Analyses of Benefits and Costs for Information             
                             Technology Resource Initiatives                            
1430.1D        6/30/94       Scientific and Technical Information Management            
1430.4A        5/18/92       Library Services                                           
1450.3A        9/12/91       Call Control/ Verification Programs and Authorized Use     
Chg. 1        4/09/92        of Government Telephone Systems                            

   ORDERS         DATES                                TITLE                            
1500.3 Chg.   11/10/86       Foreign Travel Authorization                               
4 Chg. 5      3/30/89                                                                   
Chg. 6 Chg.   5/18/90                                                                   
7             2/28/92                                                                   
1800.1A        8/31/84       Privacy Act                                                
Chg.1         5/18/92                                                                   
2030.4B        5/18/92       Reporting Fraud, Waste, and Abuse to the Office of the     
                             Inspector General                                          
2100.8A        1/27/93       Cost Accounting, Cost Recovery, & Interagency Sharing of   
                             Information Technology Facilities                          
2110.1A        7/14/88       Pricing of Departmental Materials & Services               
Chg. 2        5/18/92                                                                   
2200.4 Chg.    3/31/88       Accounting Overview                                        
1             6/08/92                                                                   
2200.6A        1/07/93       Financial Accounting                                       
Chg. 1 Chg.   4/13/93                                                                   
2             6/13/94                                                                   
2200.7         5/02/88       Cost Accounting                                            
2200.8B        6/08/92       Accounting Systems, Organizations, & Reporting             
2200.9B        6/08/92       Miscellaneous Accounting                                   
Chg. 1 Chg.   11/12/92                                                                  
2             1/12/93                                                                   
2200.10A       8/09/89       Accounts, Codes, and Illustrative Entries                  
Chg. 1 Chg.   2/27/90                                                                   
2 Chg. 3      10/17/90                                                                  
Chg. 4 Chg.   1/15/92                                                                   
5             6/08/92                                                                   
2300.1B        6/08/92       Audit Resolution and Followup                              
2320.1C        5/18/92       Cooperation with the Office of Inspector General           
2320.2A        7/19/88       Establishment of Departmental Position on Inspector        
Chg. 1 Chg.   8/28/89        General Reports                                            
2             3/28/90                                                                   

   ORDERS         DATES                                TITLE                            
3220.1A        5/14/92       Management of Contractor Personnel Policies and Programs   
3220.2A        5/14/92       Equal Opportunity in Operating & Onsite Service            
                             Contractor Facilities                                      
3220.4 Chg.    6/04/85       Contractor Personnel and Industrial Relations Reports      
1             6/28/90                                                                   
3220.6A        5/14/92       Federal Labor Standards                                    
3830.1         8/23/82       Policies and Procedures for Pension Programs Under         
                             Operating & Onsite Service Contracts                       
3890.1         6/07/85       Contractor Insurance and Other Health Benefits Programs    
4220.5        12/19/91       Dependent Care Programs for Department of Energy           
                             Management & Operating Contractors                         
4300.1C        6/28/92       Real Property Management                                   
Chg. 1        6/13/94                                                                   
4300.2B        7/16/91       Non-Department of Energy Funded Work (Work for Others)     
Chg. 1 Chg.   7/29/91                                                                   
2             2/07/92                                                                   
4320.1B        1/7/91        Site Development Planning                                  
Chg. 1        3/26/92                                                                   
4320.2A        2/10/94       Capital Asset Management Process                           
4330.2D        5/18/92       In-House Energy Management                                 
4540.1C        6/08/92       Utility Acquisition and Management                         
4700.1 Chg.    3/06/87       ***     Project Management System                          
1             6/02/92                                                                   
4700.3 Chg.    9/16/91       General Plant Projects                                     
1             11/16/92                                                                  
5100.3         8/23/84       Field Budget Process                                       
5100.4        10/31/84       Internal Review Budget Process                             
5100.5         7/21/83       Office of Management and Budget Process                    
5300.1C        6/12/92       Telecommunications                                         

   ORDERS         DATES                                TITLE                            
5400.5 Chg.    2/08/90       Radiation Protection of the Public and the Environment     
1 Chg. 2      6/05/90        (Only Chapter 2, Section 1; and Chapter 3, as stated in    
              1/07/93        the N & S set)                                             
5480.7A        2/17/93       Fire Protection (For Property Protection Only)             
5630.11B       8/02/94       Safeguards and Security Program                            
5630.12A       6/23/92       Safeguards and Security Inspection and Assessment Program  
5630.14       11/16/88       Safeguards and Security Program Planning                   
5630.16A       6/03/93       Safeguards and Security Acceptance and Validation          
                             Testing Program                                            
5631.5 Chg.    2/12/88       Violation of Laws, Losses, and Incidents of Security       
1             7/02/90        Concerns                                                   
5632.7A        4/13/94       Protective Force Program                                   
5632.10        1/12/90       Safeguards and Security Equipment Standardization          
5700.2D        6/12/92       Cost Estimating, Analysis, and Standardization             
5700.7C        5/18/92       Work Authorization System                                  
5800.1A        5/18/92       Research & Development Laboratory Technology Transfer      
6430.1A        4/06/89       General Design Criteria                                    

*** Reference Letter from Mravca to Chrisman dated June 3, 1993 granting exceptions to implementation of Orders. Orders to be appropriately applied by the contractor.


   SEN          DATE                                  TITLE                             
    22       5/08/90       DOE Policy on Signatures of RCRA Permit Applications         
   25A      10/02/91       Strategic Planning Initiative                                
   30A      12/07/92       Staying the Course for Technology Transfer at the            
                           Department of Energy