Fermilab Flu Shot Clinics for 2009-2010  Season






November 10, 2009    9:00 AM – 11:30 AM

Wilson Hall

Ground Floor, NE Training Room




·         Eligibility – Must be an active full-time, term, or temporary employee.


·         Inform yourself – Read the CDC document What You Need to Know about Inactivated Influenza Vaccine.


·         Registration – Register ahead of time by clicking here or calling X3232.


·         Consent form –Bring a completed and signed consent form with you.  A blank consent form is available here.


·         Lab ID – Bring your Fermilab ID card with you for verification.


·         Injection site – Wear loose fitting clothing that permits easy access to your upper arm.






Eligible for flu vaccinations

Not eligible for flu vaccinations

·         Active full-time employees

·         Active term employees

·         Active temporary employees

·         Contractors

·         Family members of employees

·         Visitors/Experimenters

·         Seasonal employees

·         Dayworkers/On-call employees

·         Retirees