Committee Membership

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Fermilab ES&H Committee

Member Title Term Expires
1 Nigel Lockyer Chair Indefinite
2 Martha Michels Deputy
Chair of the SSO Subcommittee
3 Jody Federwitz Secretary Indefinite
4 John Anderson Jr. Chair of the SAD Subcommittee 06/30/2016
5 Dave Baird Jr. Chair of the IHS Subcommittee Indefinite
6 Rob Bushek Chair of the ERGS Subcommittee 06/30/2015
7 John Cassidy Chair of the IIPS Subcommittee 03/31/2015
8 J. Donald Cossairt Chair of the RSS Subcommittee Indefinite
9 David Esterquest Chair of the EMPS Subcommittee Indefinite
10 Keith Gollwitzer Chair of the SA Subcommittee 06/30/2015
11 Amber Kenney Chair of the EPS Subcommittee 02/28/2015
12 David Mertz Chair of the ESS Subcommittee Indefinite
13 James Niehoff Chair of the S-3 Subcommittee 11/30/2016
14 Brian Niesman Chair of the TSS Subcommittee 06/30/2016
15 James Priest Chair of the FHS Subcommittee Indefinite
16 William Soyars Chair of the CSS Subcommittee 01/30/2016
17 Terry Tope Chair of the MSS Subcommittee 02/01/2016
18 Kathy Zappia Chair of the QAS Subcommittee Indefinite
19 Sally Arnold Fermi Site Office - Observer Indefinite
20 Charles Kuhn ES Fire Chief
ES Ex-Officio
21 James Cyko FE Representative 03/31/2017
22 Teri Dykhuis ES Representative 08/31/2016
23 Deborah Griffin FI Representative 12/31/2015
24 Dee Hahn PD Representative 09/30/2017
25 Allan Johnson DI Representative Indefinite
26 Thomas Nicol TD Representative Indefinite
27 Gregory Vogel AD Representative 06/30/2015
28 Adam Walters CD Representative
CCD Representative
SCD Representative
29 Steve Whiteaker FE Representative 06/30/2016
30 Jacqueline Zolna WR Representative 06/30/2015