CD — Office Of The CIO

  1. (Adam Walters),

    CD/OCIO — Office Of The CIO, Office Of The CIO Department

    1. Krysia Jacobs Senior Enterprise Architect
    2. Amy Pavnica ES&H Specialist

      CD/OCIO/GOV/DAS — Office Of The CIO, Office Of The CIO Department, Division Administrative Support

      1. Rachel Hurd Admin Support Asst
      2. Carla Lloyd Administrative Associate
      3. Luann O'Boyle Administrative Associate
      4. Jemise Ortiz Admin Support Asst

    CD/OCIO/GOV — Office Of The CIO, Governance

      CD/OCIO/GOV/CS — Office Of The CIO, Governance, Computer Security

      1. Ronald Cudzewicz Computing Serv Spec
      2. (Joe Klemencic),

      CD/OCIO/GOV/EPV — Office Of The CIO, Governance, Entrepreneurial Ventures

      1. Mark Dykstra Seasonal Employee
      2. (Gabriele Garzoglio),
      3. (Panagiotis Spentzouris),

      CD/OCIO/GOV/FM — Office Of The CIO, Governance, Financial Management

      1. Robert Carrara Financial Manager
      2. Christina Frank Financial Analyst
      3. Jo Ann Larson Admin Support Asst
      4. Kyla Price Accounting Assistant

      CD/OCIO/GOV/OEA — Office Of The CIO, Governance, Office Of Enterprise Architecture

      1. John Galvan Functional Analyst
      2. James Ponder Contractor

      CD/OCIO/GOV/PRJ — Office Of The CIO, Governance, Project Management

      1. Matt Crawford Computing Services Mgr
      2. (Timothy Doody) Project Budget Specialist
      3. Dan Friedrich Contractor
      4. Daniel Garrett Contractor
      5. Robert Kennedy Project Manager
      6. Julie Marsh Project Manager
      7. Daniel McLemore Contractor
      8. David Menke Contractor
      9. William Schmidt Contractor
      10. Lita Scott Project Manager

    CD/OCIO/SM — Office Of The CIO, Service Management

    1. Tena Chhe Contractor

      CD/OCIO/SM/BA — Office Of The CIO, Service Management, Business Analysts

      1. Michael Kaiser Applic Dev & Sys Mgr
      2. Cheryl McKenna Functional Analyst
      3. Roger Slisz Jr. Functional Analyst
      4. Kevin True Functional Analyst

      CD/OCIO/SM/CNTR — Office Of The CIO, Service Management, Contractors Service Management

      1. Shaun Saikali Contractor

      CD/OCIO/SM/COM — Office Of The CIO, Service Management, Communications

      1. Hanah Chang Seasonal Employee
      2. Clementine Jones Communications Associate
      3. (Ruth Pordes),
      4. David Ritchie Retired Guest
      5. Fang Wang Communications Website Coord
      6. Hannah Ward Communications Associate

      CD/OCIO/SM/PM — Office Of The CIO, Service Management, Process Managers

      1. Anthony Donzelli Functional Analyst
      2. (Gerald Guglielmo) Applic Dev & Sys Mgr
      3. (Michael Kaiser) Applic Dev & Sys Mgr
      4. Richard Kautz Functional Analyst
      5. (Ruth Pordes),
      6. Jack Schmidt Visitor (Other)
      7. Julie Trumbo Database Admin Analysis Mgr