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Course Interaction Management [LS000505/CR/01]
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Requal. Interval One Time Only
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Authorized Instructors Barbara Brooks(WR)   HOLLY LETT()  
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Target Audience Managers and Supervisors
Objective Learn the essential skills and discussion guidelines for effective coaching through practice and feedback in the four modules described below.
Course Content 1. Core Skills for Building Commitment: Learn interaction skills that help you achieve critical objectives; understand how feedback can be an effective leadership tool; practice interaction skills and receive feedback.
2. Coaching for Success: Recognize opportunities to build your work group's knowledge, skills, and confidence by providing proactive coaching that prepares people for success. Learn the elements of ongoing coaching: observing performance and measuring results, and providing timely feedback and support.
3. Coaching for Improvement: Use a discussion planner to prepare a step-by-step approach for discussing improvement. Use the STAR technique to provide specific, balanced feedback to improve performance.
4. Managing Performance Problems: Learn how to coach employees who have chronic performance problems and how Fermilab policies and procedures can assist you in this process.
Course Content
Instructor's Comments There is no fee for this class. However, if you withdraw from the class 10 business days or fewer before the scheduled date and do not find a replacement, or, if you fail to attend on the scheduled dates, you will be charged $200 per day.

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