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Course Process Piping (ASME B31.3)[WDRS0054/CR/01]
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Target Audience Piping engineers and designers who need a greater understanding of the code design and analysis requirements to produce a safe, economical piping system.
Objective Gain a clearer understanding of how piping systems fail and the requirements (and guidance) of the code to prevent such failures. Gain experience with the concerns and questions that must be addressed to produce a safe piping system, and learn where and how to get these answers.
Course Content * Piping code history, basic design philosophy, considerations, and criteria.
* Pressure design: wall thickness for internal and external pressure, fabricated branch intersection area replacement, unlisted piping component design, flange leakage moment and flange analysis, and design of piping systems containing expansion joints, relief valve set pressure and thrust, and leak testing.
* External loads design ? flexibility, fatigue, stress intensification factors, combined loads (sustained wind, earthquake), and cold spring.
* Pipe support design ? support types, assumptions, load combinations, variable supports, lugs and attachments.
* Systems piping ? pressure relief and limitations.
* Materials, fabrication, examination, inspection and testing
* Fatigue design: flexibility, thermal expansion/contraction stress, allowable thermal stress, stress intensification factors, sustained load calculations, occasional load stress caused by wind and earthquake, pipe end reactions, and means of increasing piping flexibility.
* Pipe supports: support design and analysis for weight and thermal loads, spring hanger sizing, and support design for operating loads.
Instructor's Comments Cancellation Policy: Due to vendor requirements, we must book this class months in advance. As a result, any cancellation after June 1, 2009 for the October class and August 31, 2009 for the November class will be charged the full enrollment fee if a replacement is not found.

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