TRAIN Online Class Schedule
Course O.D.H Training[FN000029/CR/02]
Prerequisites none
Requal. Interval 12 Months
Contact William Soyars
Directive/Requirement FESHM Chapter 4240
Authorized Instructors Joel Kofron (WR), Rob Bushek (ES), Jose Delao (ES)
Reference Material ***Online ODH Training Presentation***
CSB Video: Hazards of Nitrogen Asphyxiation
FESHM Chapter 4240 - Oxygen Deficiency Hazards (ODH)
ODH Training Handout
OX-03 Operating Instructions
Target Audience All individuals required to enter or work in an ODH area
Objective Requirements for safe and proper entry into ODH areas
Course Content Hazards and classifications of ODH areas; proper protection items required by Fermilab Safety Program
Instructor's Comments The FIRST time an individual takes this training course it MUST be in a LIVE session.

You are not eligible to complete an online test.
You must first complete this course in the classroom.

Class Schedule

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Tuesday 07/02/201901:00 PM -- 02:00 PM
Instructor: Joel Kofron
Where Large Training Room; Training Center, Discovery Rd
Fee None
Attendees 4/25