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Course Project Management Introduction[WDRS0090/CR/01]
Requal. Interval One Time Only
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Target Audience Individuals interested in pursuing a project management career path, current project team members, newly formed project teams and project management personnel responsible for system or software development, research and development, engineering and construction type projects.
Objective Learn to: Identify steps required to effectively and efficiently manage a project; Iniatiate, plan, schedule, evaluate, control, and lead projects to meet time, cost and performance objectives; Apply the principles of good team leadership; Recognize common snags and pitfalls that occur in projects and determine the best ways to anticipate them, avoid them or minimize their impact if they do occur; Analyze current project management practices and recommend improvements. Also, learn what project leadership styles and skills are necessary for project success.
Course Content The course will cover:
*Define Project Life Cycle and Milestones
*Stable Requirements and Scope
*Defined Organization, Systems, Roles
*Planning the project
*Scheduling the project
*Resource allocation and staffing
*Performance measurement
*Quality assurance
*Change control
*Issue resolution and corrective action
Instructor's Comments The cost of this class is likely to decrease if we have high enrollment. If you withdraw from the class 10 business days or fewer before it begins and do not find a replacement, you will be charged the full fee.