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Course ANSYS Heat Transfer[WDRS0119/CR/01]
Prerequisites WDRS0083/CR -- ANSYS Mechanical Application (Workbench) Introduction
Requal. Interval One Time Only
Contact Barbara Brooks
Target Audience Individuals responsible for analyzing the thermal response of structures and components,
Objective After completing the seminar, analysts should be able to analyze:
* thermal responses of structures involving conduction, convection, and radiation
* the response of structures exhibiting special heat transfer phenomena including thermal-stress coupling and phase change.
Course Content * Fundamental Concepts
* Steady State Heat Transfer (no mass transport)
* Additional Considerations for Nonlinear Analysis
* Transient Analysis
* Complex, Time & Spatially Varying Boundary Conditions
* Additional Convection / Heat Flux Loading Options and Simple Thermal / Flow Elements
* Radiation Heat Transfer
* Phase Change Analysis
* The Finite Element Approach to Thermal Analysis
Instructor's Comments If you withdraw from the class 10 business days or fewer before it begins and do not find a replacement, you will be charged the full fee.