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Course Ruby[WDRS0126/CR/01]
Requal. Interval One Time Only
Contact Barbara Brooks
Authorized Instructors Barbara Brooks ()
Target Audience Individuals who want to become proficient with the Ruby programming language
Objective Learn the fundamentals of the Ruby language
Course Content Day 1
*Ruby overview
*installing Ruby on various operating systems
*command line tools
*using the Ruby shell
*Ruby documentation
*numbers and strings
*writing functions
*control flow constructs
*built-in types

Day 2
*attributes / methods
*installing external libraries / RubyGems

Day 3
*exception handling
*advanced blocks
*classes as objects
*unit testing and TDD (incl red-green-refactor)
Instructor's Comments The cost of this class is likely to decrease if we have high enrollment. If you withdraw from the class 10 business days or fewer before it begins and do not find a replacement, you will be charged the full fee.