TRAIN Online Class Schedule
Course SharePoint Designer Training [CD000012/CR/01]
Prerequisites SharePoint End-user Training
Prerequisite Course FN000478/CR -- Sharepoint for Contributors (end-users)
Requal. Interval One Time Only
Contact Kimberly Myles
Authorized Instructors Kimberly Myles(CCD)   Keenan Newton(CCD)  
Reference Material SharePoint Designer User Manual
Target Audience Anyone with SharePoint Designer-level permissions or higher
Objective Understand the basics of designing a SharePoint site at Fermilab
Course Content This 90 minute course will lead attendees through the basic concepts site Designers should be familiar with including creating and editing lists, document libraries and pages.
Course Content
Instructor's Comments This class will be provided at your desk or a location that's convenient for you. The instructor will contact you to arrange training.

Class Schedule

Class Code 91315 -- Online enrollment is restricted to on-site access or authenticated users.  If you have an account LOGIN now.  Or you may CREATE AN ACCOUNT if you have a valid FNAL email address registered in the FNAL telephone directory.  Otherwise, contact the instructor or course contact to enroll.
Where Provided at your desk or a convient location.
Fee None
Attendees 0/20