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Course Introduction to LabVIEW and Computer-Based Measurements Hands-On Seminar [WDRS0150/CR/01]
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Requal. Interval One Time Only
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Authorized Instructors Barbara Brooks(WR)  
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Target Audience This introductory seminar is designed for engineers and scientists who are unfamiliar with graphical application development using LabVIEW.
Objective Discover why thousands of engineers and scientists around the world choose NI LabVIEW for developing systems ranging from prototyping and test to data acquisition and control.
Course Content NI field engineers will walk you through the LabVIEW development environment and offer assistance as you graphically program a variety of tasks, including:
* How to capture measurements from a data acquisition system
* How to build a user interface to display measurements
* How to integrate analysis into your application
* How to set limits and output an alarm
* How to write data to a file
* How LabVIEW is used at Fermi and other national labs
Course Content
Instructor's Comments This class is taught by National Instruments and is free of charge. There will be $25 charge if you fail to attend at the scheduled time and date.

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