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Course Process Piping Design (ASME) and Process Piping, Material, Fabrication, Examination and Testing (ASME & API)[WDRS0188/CR/01]
Prerequisites None
Requal. Interval One Time Only
Contact Barbara Brooks
Target Audience Piping engineers and designers who need a greater understanding of code design and analysis requirements to produce a safe, economical piping system.
Objective Gain a clear understanding of how piping systems fail together with the requirements and guidance of the code to prevent such failures; Gain experience with the concerns and questions that must be addressed to produce a safe piping system and learn how and where to get these answers.
Course Content Day One: General Overview; Scope and Definitions; Applicability, similarities and differences between ASME B31 code and API standards for piping systems; ASME B31 Series; API Standards and Recommended Practices; Determination of Minimum Required Thickness; Pressure Design of Piping Components.

Day Two: Materials; Piping Components -Pipe-joining Methods; Piping Supports; Piping Flexibility Analysis; Typical requirements for construction of steel piping at Fermilab (Bid & Specs requirements); Requirements for verification of qualifications for fabricators.

Day Three: Fabrication and assembly; Welding processes; Welding Procedures; Welding qualification records and paperwork.

Day Four: Inspection -Reasons for Inspection; Inspection Plans; Inspection, Examination and Pressure Testing Practices; Inspection Data Evaluation, Analysis and Recording; Testing; Brittle Fracture; Inspection of Pressure-relieving Devices; Fermilab typical piping notes FESHM 5031.1; Policy and Requirements.
Instructor's Comments You may bring your laptop to class even though hard copy materials will be provided. You will need a calculator. Upon completion of this course participants will receive a certificate verifying completion of 32 hours of classroom training for 32 PDH.

If you withdraw from this class 10 business days or fewer before the scheduled date and do not find a replacement, or if you fail to attend on the scheduled dates, you will be charged the full class fee.

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