TRAIN Online Class Schedule
Course Laser Safety[FN000126/CR/00]
Prerequisites None
Requal. Interval 36 Months
Contact Matthew Quinn
Directive/Requirement ANSI Z136
Authorized Instructors INSTRUCTOR(S) OFFSITE (), Matthew Quinn (ES), Dave Baird Jr. (ES)
Reference Material Laser Safety Training Materials
FESHM Chapter 4260 - Lasers
Target Audience Individuals using class III-B or IV lasers
Objective Recognize hazards associated with lasers used at the lab.
Course Content *** READ THIS FIRST ***

To complete the Laser Safety Training course, follow the "Laser Safety Training Instructions" found by clicking on the Laser Safety Training Materials link in the Reference Materials section above.

NOTE: You will need to first obtain an account on the National Training Center (NTC) Learning Management System (LMS). Follow the TRN-DP-338 Learning Management System Student User Guide. The guide contains step by step progression with screen shots that will walk you through creating an eAccess account followed by an LMS account.