TRAIN Online Class Schedule
Course Preparation for TC Engineering[LS000674/CR/01]
Prerequisites None
Requal. Interval One Time Only
Contact Don Mitchell
Target Audience All 3-D and 2-D Fermilab CAD users (excluding FESS)
Objective Overview and preparation instruction for the implementation
and migration to Team Center Engineering.
Course Content Fermilab is poised to transition into a new and modern CAD data
management tool that will allow engineers, designers, and scientists to
work in an integrated engineering environment. This tool is a natural
progression from the I-DEAS Team Data Manager into a complete PLM
solution known as Team Center Engineering. As we phase out of I-DEAS and
move toward the implementation of UGNX, we must first move our current
and legacy data into TC Engineering. This course will focus on the
future implementation of TC Engineering as an integrated CAD solution
for the entire lab and secondly, will focus on data cleanup issues. Non
I-DEAS users will be dismissed after the TC Engineering overview.