Weather at Fermilab
Current Conditions as of
12/17/18 14:11 CST *

Temperature   41.21   °F
  5.12   °C
Wind Chill   41.21   °F
  5.12   °C
Heat Index   41.21   °F
  5.12   °C
Dew Point   21.46   °F
  -5.86   °C
Rel. Humidity   44.95   %
Barometric Pressure   1,022.00   mbar
Wind Direction   338.00   °NNW
Wind Speed   3.24   mph
  1.45   m/s
Wind Gust   4.23   mph
  1.89   m/s
Solar Radiation   139.90   W/m2
Precip. (current hour)   0.00   in
Precip. (previous 24)   0.00   in
* The weather station does not observe daylight saving time.

Disclaimer: Data provided pertains exclusively to the Fermilab Meteorological Station and does not constitute "official" measurements. All data are provided "as is" for general informational purposes only. Any other use is at your own risk.
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    Fermilab Meteorological Station
    Photo: Eric Korzeniowski, ESH&Q