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Course GERT - (General Employee Radiation Training) [FN000241/CR/00]
Requal. Interval 24 Months
Contact Kathy Graden
Directive/Requirement 10 CFR 835
Authorized Instructors Chip Kee (FE), Paul Perez (ES), David Cathey (ES), Joel Kofron (WR), Eric Mieland (ES), Gregory Thompson (ES), Wayne Schmitt (ES), Kamran Vaziri (ES), James Niehoff (ES), Ric Oropez (ES), Thomas Gibbs (ES), Angela Aparicio (ES), Meka Francis (ES), Jonathan Ylinen (ES), Eric Korzeniowski (ES), David Esterquest (ES), Jonny Staffa (ES), David Mertz (ES), Ian Hoppie (ES), Raul Cantu (ES), John Hatfield (FE), Matthew Spaw (ES), Eric Schlatter (ES), Brian Krueger (), Jose Delao (ES)
Reference Material GERT Handout Material
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FESHM 11001 Radiation Safety Program
Target Audience All Employees who are NOT trained as a Radiological Worker
Objective Discuss: terminology, sources of radiation, ionizing/non-ionizing radiation, biologicial effects, alara, control of radioactive material, radiation emergencies.
Course Content Handout, video, discussion, and quiz.
Instructor's Comments NOTE: This course is taught as part of Fermilab's New Employee Orientation (NEO).

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