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Course Radiological Worker - Classroom (Virtual)[FN000470/CR/01]
Prerequisites None
Requal. Interval 24 Months
Contact Gary Buckley
Directive/Requirement 10 CFR 835; Fermilab Radiological Control Manual (FRCM)
Authorized Instructors Maddie Schoell (ES), Ben Russell (), Kathy Graden (ES), Wayne Schmitt (ES), Dee Hahn (PPD), Meka Francis (ES), Ian Marano (ES), Charles England (), Floyd Flanigan (ES), Gary Buckley (ES)
Reference Material *VIEW THIS FIRST* Radiological Worker training presentation
Radiological Worker Study Guide
20230308 Enclosure Access Requirements Reminders FINAL.pdf
FRCM Chapter 6 - Training and Qualification
Radiological Work Permit (RWP) Update
Target Audience Radiological Workers
Objective Upon completion of this course, participant will have the knowlege to work safely in areas controlled for radiological purposes using proper rad practices.
Course Content Rad Control Organization; Radiological Fundamentals; Units and Measurements; Background Radiation; Biological Effects and Prenatal Exposure; Dose Limits; ALARA; Postings; RWPs; Control of Radioactive Material and Contamination; Radioactive Waste; Emergencies
Instructor's Comments FN000471 Radiological Worker Practical Factors training is also required. This Radiological Worker - Virtual Classroom portion is online only and must be successfully completed before enrolling for the Practical Factors session. View the online material above and take the online test. If you require a "live" training session contact your Radiation Safety Officer (RSO).