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Course Radiological Worker - Practical Factors[FN000471/OJ/01]
Prerequisites FN000470/CR -- Radiological Worker - Classroom (Virtual)
Requal. Interval 99 Months
Contact Gary Buckley
Directive/Requirement 10CFR835; Fermilab Radiological Control Manual (FRCM)
Authorized Instructors Ben Russell (), Maddie Schoell (ES), Dee Hahn (PPD), Wayne Schmitt (ES), Carmen DuVall (ES), Holly Hall (), Ian Marano (ES), Floyd Flanigan (ES), Charles England (), Gary Buckley (ES), Meka Francis (ES), Susan McGimpsey (AD/BD), Kathy Graden (ES), Jeffrey Vollmer (ES)
Reference Material FRCM Chapter 6 - Training and Qualification
Wallflower Upgrade Information
Radiological Worker Practical Factors handout
Radiological Work Permit (RWP) Update
Target Audience Radiological Workers
Objective Give the individual hands-on practical experience to work in Radiation Areas and with radiological materials.
Course Content RWPs; dosimetry and records; personnel frisking; use of protective clothing; surveying and labeling of radioactive material
Instructor's Comments You must complete FN000470 Radiological Worker - Classroom training BEFORE attending this practical factors session.

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