TRAIN Online Class Schedule
Course Fermilab Controlled Access[FN000311/CR/01]
Prerequisites FN000470/CR -- Radiological Worker - Classroom (Virtual)
FN000471/OJ -- Radiological Worker - Practical Factors
FN000731/CB -- Radiological Worker - Just-in-Time (Virtual)
Requal. Interval 12 Months
Contact Gary Buckley
Authorized Instructors Wayne Schmitt (ES), Maddie Schoell (ES), Kathy Graden (ES), Dee Hahn (PPD), Susan McGimpsey (AD/BD)
Reference Material Training Materials - START HERE
Controlled Access Training Handout
Controlled Access Training slides
20230308 Enclosure Access Requirements Reminders FINAL.pdf
Target Audience Radiological Workers who require entrance to enclosures under controlled access conditions.
Objective Course covers procedures to enter beam-line enclosures and target halls during controlled access conditions.
Course Content Course covers hazards present in controlled access areas, proper use of equipment, procedures required for entry and emergency action points.
Instructor's Comments NOTE -- This training is online ONLY. Use the link above to review the training materials. At the end of the presentation you will be directed to the online test.
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