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Course Laser Safety[FN000126/CR/00]
Prerequisites None
Requal. Interval 36 Months
Contact Matthew Spaw
Directive/Requirement ANSI Z136
Authorized Instructors INSTRUCTOR(S) OFFSITE (), Dave Baird Jr. (DI), Ben Russell (), Matthew Spaw (ES), Matthew Quinn (ES)
Reference Material Laser Safety Training - Start Here
FESHM Chapter 4260 - Lasers
Target Audience Individuals using class III-B or IV lasers
Objective Recognize hazards associated with lasers used at the lab.
Course Content This is a Department of Energy (DOE) Laser Safety Course that is endorsed by the Energy Facilities Contractors Group (EFCOG). The course consists of the following 10 modules: Introduction, Fundamentals, Accidents, Bio Effects, Engineering Controls, Administrative/Procedural Controls, Personal Protective Equipment, Fiber Optics, Non-Beam Hazards and Regulations.